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24 October 2010 @ 01:01 am
installing debian on hp proliant dl120 G5 server over LO100 virtual media & kvm.  
For successful installing of Debian Lenny on hp proliant dl120 G5 server provided by masterhost over LO100 virtual media & kvm ( assuming some advanced ILO or how that shit is named is bought) requires:

0) Make sure you need it
1) Get Java JRE from java.com - i've succeeded with se 6 u22 ( )
2) make sure you have port 5901 or smth like this open from internet. netstat will show what port java is listening, wireshark will show is there some traffic or not.
2.1) you may need to run browser with administrative privileges
2.2) you may need to do several connect/disconnect of iso images (devices) in virtual media config - finally i've got string like " USB2.0" - where was my ip . I guess it should be shown as "public ip"
3) Configure your bios to boot from cdrom
4) Boot debian installer, set vga=771 instead of vga=normal
5) Install debian as usual, avoid pressing alt+tab - i have occasional installer hangs on this